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The time when  executive flights were a luxury for few people has long gone. Today this is simply a necessity for many people. Fly anywhere you wish at the time you desire.  We can offer you the most effective and customized solution. On your flights you will have the highest security combined with maximum comfort, utmost flexibility and last but not least trustworthiness. Exclusive Flights offers you a wide selection of aircrafts (jets, turboprops and helicopters) and is at your disposal to suit any kind of itinerary. Considering your requirements and budget, we will define together the solution that better satisfies your needs.




Quality and reliability are very important in the field of private aviation to guarantee the maximum in terms of security and availability. Exclusive Flights can offer you the best solutions in order to develop a management programme specifically designed to satisfy your requirements with our excellent and cost-effective assistance and support. Technical supervision, flights scheduling and organization, administrative and financial management: we can take care of all the necessary operations that make you fly in total security and comfort with respect to your individual needs.




We are aware of the fact that service begins much before take-off and continues after landing. To satisfy your needs we have ready at hand a great selection of complementary services. Special catering if requested, helicopters, limousines or yachts: we have the capacity and the know-how to offer you  real customer-tailored assistance according to your requirements. Thanks to our connections and professionalism we do our best to satisfy any requirement and can offer you  real VIP consideration. 




Selecting which aircraft would best meet your personal needs can be a difficult decision.With our experience and know-how we are able to  assess the right aircraft on the market. We can also assist you on all necessary steps in the administration/paperwork in view of your final choice. And finally we analyse the technical conditions, arrange for the registration and compare operation costs and performance criteria of the aircraft.

With Exclusive Flights you have a qualified and professional partner who will assist you from the project start up to the performance of the first flight with your personal aircraft.